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Life Guard Services


Our fully integrated lifeguard system provides committed, proactive and professional service on the beaches and within communities. Our team of professional lifeguards are trained in CPR, First Aid and lifeguarding certified in the UAE.

Primary Responsibilities:

    Identify potential accident hazards.

    Be alert or prevent accidents (risk management).

    Enforce all pool rules in a consistent manner.

    Handle discipline situations with courtesy and fairness.

    Respond quickly, intelligently, decisively and in accordance with established emergency and accident management procedures.

    Administer first aid and CPR as required.

    Secondary Responsibilities:

    Communicate with other lifeguards and supervisors.

    Facilitate public relations with a positive and professional attitude, courtesy and tact.

    Be available to substitute for other staff members.

    Follow established substitution procedures.

    Fill out appropriate reports.

    Monitor chemical levels

    Carry out additional duties as assigned by supervisors.