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Security Services


    Our security officers are alert during the duty period as they are responsible for anything that happens due to their carelessness – and they will be fined for the damages or face serious consequences.

    The Guards will check I.D. of any personnel entering the premises. Give visitors I.D. to any visitors wanting to enter the premises and withhold their Civil I.D. until return.

    They will not allow any items or goods inside without a written permission from the working administration or to whom the guards are directly answerable.

    Guards will not withhold any information and will inform the responsible authority in case of emergency.

    All emergency numbers will be available with the guards at all times in case of emergency. The guards will make sure that the responsible Person / authority is contacted.

    In any emergency case the guards will take care that there is no person on the site – everyone has to be evacuated.

    Guards will not meddle with any evidence in case of theft / illegal activity until the police / concerned authority arrives.